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GTS Global Tech Solutions borns from people with over 15 years of experience in designing and engineering of complex systems and processes with applications especially in the Retail Channel .

Our mission over these years was focused on research and development of systems that could give prompt and substantive responses to critical issues of various kinds both in Marketing Intelligence (study and analysis of instore customer behavior) and logistics management in the supply chain, as well as in store assets and stock protection.

Thanks to the open architecture of various technologies used ( including RFID) and all the applications developed over these years, we have been able to solve a variety of problems related to different operating environments.

Based on the customer's needs we are able to assess, in a very short time , the project feasibility, the technical procedures as well as the realization timing. We can put in place a high level of professionalism and remarkable flexibility in evaluating any type of request, thanks to the high scalability of the technologies used and the high vaunted experience .

We can vaunt a team of professionals and skilled people able to perform complex feasibility study  of carrying out "turnkey " projects and customized to the real client's needs .

Concerning our Marketing Intelligence solutions you can refer to our specific area by clicking here.

In addition, as part of Marketing Communication & Analysis we are able to refer our customers new communication systems related to the DIGITAL SIGNAGE in collaboration with leading national and international profile companies .

Some of the available applications :

- Logistics and stock management
- Access control

- Automatic gates opening
- Automatic check of temperature in cold chain
- Waste management
- Solar panels protection
- Trucks and containers tracking
- Beat goods counterfeit
- "Real-time" object and people localization/tracking (ex. nursing and retirement home)
- Antishoplifting in free touch exposition for multimedia devices (smart phone, tablet)

The high scalability of this technology allows to realize any kind of project, face  and solve any technical issue as well as manage timing of realization.

Thanks to our internal engineers and developers teams we are able to perform complex feasibility studies realizing customized turnkey solutions.

To complete our wide offer we also are able to propose ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYSIS SYSTEMS used for different purposes (see below) and CCTV over Ip systems for security and protection of every sales and private area.

- Companies of any sector ( Industrial, Services and Trade )
- Retail Companies of every product category
 (fashion, jewellery,footwear, cosmetics,electronics,food, beverage...)
- Architecture and design companies
- Malls and franchising chains
- Museum, libraries, fairs, expositions
- Public Transport companies  



These are software platforms that thanks to sophisticated algorithms enable the processing and management of scanned images by generating an endless series of reports and archived with different purposes.


-  industrial companies  production areas monitoring,  ...)
- public facilities for monitoring and safety of urban areas, logistics, ports, stations, airports, car parks, etc..) 
- organizations that manage traffic and info mobility (code detection, estimate speed, prohibited transits, accidents, detecting areas of high and low traffic, etc.).
- companies who need to acquire data for Marketing purposes in the Retail channel (PEOPLE TRACKING, flow analysis, areas monitoring, customer behavior analysis, access monitoring,...)
- automation sector  (access control, intrusion detection, monitoring elderly people / children, etc.).
- realities subject to environmental monitoring (fire detection, smoke detection, flooding, etc.).


- Identification and classification of persons, objects and vehicles 
- People Tracking 

- Intrusion Detection areas

- Object Detection

 Fire and smoke Identification 

- Vehicles Tracing route 

- Recognition logos, profiles, paths

- Management of multi-camera and multi stage

- Identification and face recognition

- people behavioral analysis

- Vehicles behavioral Analysis              

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 “Retail High Protection System”

In occasion of trade fairs, exhibitions, workshops, demo corners within commercial areas, fixed or mobile locations in multimedia stores, we propose a system that fits every type of need, that combines maximum protection to 'great visual impact and giving exposure cleanliness and order of the various devices without having to install anti-theft antennas at the gates or cable systems, assemblies, recoilers, mechanical locks, etc ... Furthermore our systems are designed to supply the products while they are exposed and protected.

  Much more than a simple anti-shoplifting system !!!


 Notebook - Netbook - Smart phones - Tablets - Mp3 - Ebook Readers  ù

- GPS - HiFi - foto and videocameras - reflex - pda

 ... as well as any other device

The system versatility is such that there no need of installation neither electrical preparation nor masonry. The system is well suited to fixed locations (typically consumer electronics stores ) and mobile (such as fairs, workshops and temporary demo areas )

We develop highly customized projects based on specific customer requirements related to both  type of exposure (fixed or mobile) and  size of the exhibition area as well as the articles to be protected





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     Our system are equipped with RFID technology that integrates the best logistics solutions with the most innovative and  revolutionary techniques for goods protection.

    Developed and designed completely in Italy !!!

     The system provides high profile solutions to companies that need to manage issues related to logistics combining maximum goods protection for Retail channel.

    Solutions that facilitate stock management by providing the best loss prevention !!

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