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"Analysis & Tracking Platform"

Result of the study of a engineers team who can claim collaborations with Universities and National & International Research Institutes, our systems are the most advanced the market today can offer in terms of Video Analysis as well as People Tracking (movement tracking of persons).

Thanks to flexibility and scalability of the architecture and to sophisticated algorithms, these systems allow high performance and customization, satisfying the composite customer needs and today making available a never-ending stream of data.

                                        - Video tracking and event detection;
                                        - Video and Images analysis ;
                                        - 3D scenes in motion reconstruction
                                                     ... and much more
These systems provide global data concerning total number of people entered, people passed per areas and time spent in each area distincted per groups of visitors...and many other infos on customer demand.  

Security and Surveillance : areas monitoring and video surveillance, internal and external areas (es.warehouse, park,...), shopping areas (stores, outlets, supermarkets,galleries, shopping centers...), exhibition areas (museums,art galleries,fairs); health care sector (nursing homes and hospital for monitoring and tracking of guests suffering of specific diseases).

- Marketing : People Tracking and data Analysis concerning people movement within commercial areas, with detailled reports on individual areas visited, time spent per each area, satisfaction index of layout and displayed product, shelf analysis, and so on ...


Detection and signaling of the intrusion within virtual areas (AreaEntrance) or the crossing of virtual lines in a certain direction (TripWire) by subjects of interest

Gate Flow
Counting and collection of the number of persons who cross virtual gates in a certain direction

Area Counting
Counting and collection of the number and the dwell time of persons within virtual areas, and for each area signaling of the presence of a number of person higher than a defined threshold

Occupancy Rate
Estimation and collection of the percentage of occupancy of virtual areas by subjects of interest, and for each area signaling of an occupancy percentage higher than a defined threshold

Hot Zones
Estimation and visualization in false colors on the image and on a map of the zones with higher or lower presence of persons within a defined timeframe inside virtual areas

Detection and signaling of one or more than one persons who remain within a virtual area for longer than a defined time

Left Object
Detection and signaling of objects left unattended within virtual areas for longer than a defined time
Detection and signaling of objects removed from virtual areas
Detection and signaling of subjects of interest that remain within virtual areas for longer than a defined time

Panic Disorder
Detection of sudden or anomalous variation of speed and/or acceleration of subjects of interest within virtual areas
Slip Fall
Detection and signaling of a person who lies down and remains on the ground for longer than a defined time

Counting and collection of the number of subjects of interest crossing virtual gates in a certain direction

Estimation and collection of the average speed of vehicles crossing double virtual gates, and for each double gate signaling of average speed lower or higher than a defined threshold

Stationary Vehicle
Detection and signaling of vehicles stationary within virtual areas for longer than a defined time

Wrong Way
Detection and signaling of subjects of interest moving toward a not allowed direction within virtual areas

Smoke Fire
Detection and signaling of smoke and/or fire within virtual areas

Face Detection
Detection and signaling of the presence of faces within virtual areas

Detection and reading of vehicles license plates for access control management
Skimmer Detection
Detection and signaling of the presence of minimal variations of the position of contours within a virtual area (ATM)
PTZ Stand Alone
Detection, signaling and tracking of subjects of interest by a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera

PTZ Plug In
Automatic piloting of a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera for the tracking of a subject of interest that has generated an alarm from a VTrack function working on an associated fixed camera
Module integrating more functions among the ones previously described for a single video flow

Study and development of an ad hoc function based on specific requirements



- Control and monitoring of sensitive areas, galleries..., people flow analysis to determine for ex. attractiveness of the center, promotional activities response, security and internal staff organization, etc ...


- Parking areas monitoring and flow analysis in common and sales areas



 - Data  Flow Analysis per visited area, products and store layout attractiveness, response to sales initiatives and promotional campaigns, discounts, sales, etc ...)



 - Dual function of arts protection as well as visitors flow control and areas with higher density, control and queue management, warning setting reaching thresholds for different area, etc ... )



 - Visitor flow analysis per area, queue management, protection of sensitive areas, personnel optimization, security organization, etc ...



 - Monitoring, controlling, queues and crowds management at check-in areas, ticket counters, gates, video surveillance of sensitive areas, control toilets, dining areas and services in general useful for the planning maintenance interventions; analysis and people flow control at sales areas (shops, duty free, etc ...)



 - Estimate placement profitability of commercial activities, rent adequacy, market trend analysis, etc ....

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